Muhammad Hasan was born in Los Angeles, California in 1982. ICON, as he is known by, is a self-taught artist who began creating art at an early age and has been experimenting with a variety of mediums including tattoos, music and photography. ICON attended college at eleven with emphasis on creative arts and focuses primarily on pop culture references, videos game  and cartoon icons. "The sculptures I create are a unique expression on my childhood and I see a little bit of us in all of them." His art evokes feeling of nostalgia while capturing the essence of childhood fantasies. ICON draws his inspiration from heroes and icons of the past present and future. He is inspired by the simplicity and expressionism of artist such as Kieth Harring and the colorful playfulness of Takashi Murakami. His notable works have been collected by Gashi, Paris Hilton and Arlen Escarpeta.